Raylex Hybrid Generation System

Enel Los Cóndores hydroelectric project, located in the Maule river basin, consists of a run-of-river hydroelectric plant, with approximately 150 MW of installed power.

Raylex -which develops highly complex turnkey projects in the electricity, fixed and mobile telephony, government and mining sectors- requested Atlas Copco Chile to implement an autonomous radio communications site with a minimum of supervision (once a year ). A solution designed for its isolated geographical situation, the lack of an electricity grid and weather conditions that make access impossible during the winter months.

Proyecto Raylex Los Cóndores

The Project

Atlas Copco implemented a solution designed in conjunction with the client, which considered equipment from the factory in Zaragoza, Spain. It is a hybrid generation system composed of photovoltaic panels as the main source, which stores energy in a battery bank that in turn feeds four radio antenna stations. Each site is supported by two QES 14 generator sets with an expanded tank of 1,000 liters, equipped with a diesel boiler for autonomous pre-heating and double battery (OTM). Additionally, a transfer and control board was designed that allows the groups to interact with the system through a control logic of which we highlight the following:

  • Low temperature operation
  • Operation in the event of failure or unavailability of one of the devices
  • Operation in the absence of fuel or low battery charge
  • Periodic start of equipment to ensure operation
  • Maintenance routines
  • Equipment priority change routine in the event of equipment failure
  • Autonomous alarm recognition
  • Starting sequence of the equipment due to low battery charge level
  • In addition to allowing the client to have absolute monitoring and control of each unit.
Proyecto Raylex Los Cóndores

Our projects require creative, efficient and flexible solutions, and for this Atlas Copco has been a strategic ally and a fundamental company. For years we have worked together to design case by case the most appropriate solutions for our clients: from the conception of an idea to the execution of the project, the Atlas Copco team was involved in the entire process, being a key contributor to this endeavour.

For the hybrid generation system of Enel in Los Cóndores, we had the challenge of generating autonomous radio communication sites that required minimal supervision, due to its isolated geographical location, climatic conditions and lack of electricity grid. Atlas Copco understood the challenge and we worked together to configure a customized team that we use today as a benchmark for the industry. ”

Rodrigo del Valle Mijac – Commercial Manager, Raylex

*Image of the hybrid generation model created for Raylex.

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