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Introducing PoC


Following the rapid expansion of 4G networks around the world, the mobile internet and smartphones have conquered the world of communications. The advancement of the industry allows us to have chips, modules, terminals and systems today. 4G technology based push to talk over the phone (PoC) technology improves response to latency and congestion. The main reason for choosing PoC trunking is that it adapts to your needs of supervision, command, dispatch and collaboration that is not of extreme security or rescue, for which a professional private network is more suitable. It is a way to expand conventional private networks so that communication efficiency is optimized.

But ¿What is PoC?

PoC devices have evolved in an environment where data transfer is increasingly important.

Among the benefits of PoC solutions we find that:

  • PoC is not limited to the use of frequencies
  • Increases the mobility of the workforce
  • Reduces capital investment requirements
  • Provides data transfer capacity

Four reasons to choose professional PoC communications

1. Our solutions can be adapted in the most appropriate way in public networks, since PoC solutions are tailored to customer requirements by merging the advantages of private communication into a public network. The PoC improves narrowband technologies and services and uses the wide coverage of the public network allowing better use of high-quality and wide-range communications, eliminating blind spots and allowing better long-distance communication.

2. Raylex can provide complete PoC solutions, with commercial terminals and professional platforms and a wide variety of products, compatible with third-party applications and that meet the most demanding user requirements. The PoC system can be deployed on the cloud platform on the public network. All these functions allow PoC network operators to understand the status of users and terminals in real time.

3. Our range of products have passed demanding quality tests and have certifications that ratify it. All terminals have certifications such as CCC, CTA, SRRC model certification, CE / FCC, GMS, IP54 / IP68, and military standards.

4. Additionally, Enhanced Trunking Core (eTC) creates a communications ecosystem that performs LTE mobility management, call control, resource allocation, and database management. It provides rich multimedia trunking services such as mission critical push to talk (MCPTT), mission critical video (MCVIDEO) and mission critical data (MCDATA). In addition, eTC enables intercommunication between broadband and narrowband trunking communication systems. ATCA server supports more sites and more performance, also support single-board expansion, local redundancy function.

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