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CoVID-19 Emergency


COVID-19 has challenged the world’s health systems, organizations, and oversight entities.

Raylex offers immediate communication solutions to individuals or large groups to converge on a monitoring system.

Such systems allow you to convert your smartphone or laptop into an encrypted radio; we protect critical information.

Faced with a virus as aggressive as the coronavirus, it has been shown that the only control alternative is prevention. Along with the use of specific PPE personal protection and technological development, it is possible to handle the situation proactively and in an integrated manner.

Our systems help decrease person-to-person contact to minimize the risk of contagion.

Cameras with infrared sensors measure temperature with great precision.

Remote and contactless system
Healthcare workers perform remote, contactless video diagnostics using the PTT communication system and allow seamless communication over both the public and private networks.

Customs and border control
One of the most critical control points is the borders between countries. Raylex provides solutions to collect continuous video recording information and integrate it into a control network.

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