Acciona Chile, commissioned Raytech S.A. with an MMOO network between the Malgarida and Cumbres Substations for its important PV Malgarida project

With 238 MW of power, the Malgarida I and II photovoltaic complex in Atacama is the seventh renewable facility that ACCIONA has built in the country.

The Malgarida I and II photovoltaic plants will involve an investment of close to $ 170 USD million and will generate 654GWh of clean electricity annually. This is equivalent to the demand of about 280,000 Chilean homes and will avoid the emission of about 512,000 tons of CO2 annually.

It is estimated that the project will start operating by the end of 2021.

Raytech S.A. participation in this project

In this important project, Acciona Chile, commissioned Raytech SA to develop a Telecommunications solution that includes the engineering and construction of the new microwave link, which will connect the Malgarida and Cumbres substations. The aim is to enable the differential protection systems for the line and the necessary communications between said SS / EE within the framework of the PV Malgarida project.

The project was carried out during the months of October and November 2020 and included the following stages:

  • Receipt of equipment and materials for integration.
  • Integration, assembly and assembly process of cabinets and communications equipment according to detailed plans.
  • Installation in MMMO link field
  • Reception and local tests of integrated equipment and liaison by the client.

The project was successfully accepted and will allow Acciona to have a telecommunications network with high availability and under the requirements of operation and maintenance.