On September 21, 2021, the activities of the Innovation committee, called Raylex Innovation, were launched.

The objective of this Committee is to develop actions that contribute to the strategic mission of the company, which were presented in summary form:

Our focuses on innovation are:

  • Engineering Solutions
  • Technology
  • Processes
  • Protecting the environment

General Innovation Objective:

Promote innovation as an engine of change for internal growth, which allows sustaining competitive advantages over time. This will be done without neglecting the commitment to society and the environment.

Activities to develop these objectives

  1. Generate Offer
  2. Generate Differences
  3. Project an innovative image
  4. Products & services: Expand the portfolio of these based on innovation.
  5. Generate management indicators associated with innovation.
  6. Internal satisfaction: Link with collaborators.
  7. Create a Bank of Ideas and Projects: Innovation processes will be documented in order to manage them and ensure that they remain in the organization.
  8.  Manage Innovation; by creating the innovation committee and ensuring results that engage management support.
  9. Generate New Income, being able to evaluate the impact of growth from innovation.
  10. R&D, by investing in innovation and evaluating investment impact, thus increasing the value of the company.
  11. Based on a deep culture of innovation and the results that are achieved, evaluate the availability of resources to generate funds.

In this context, EMUAI organization of students of the University of Adolfo Ibáñez presented its electro mobility project, where Raylex supports this sustainable and innovative initiative.  

We invite you to see this interesting project at:


In relation to the event, our General Manager points out;

“It is imperative to be successful in the task, since we are facing historical changes, in which we go from an Industrial society to a Digital society. This transit generates the need to develop new tools that adapt to the new times, given the speed at which changes occur. Thus, new fields of development will be opened, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, as well as new programs and applications that will be developed at a speed not seen until now. This is where we should be. “

Germán von Geldern, CEO Raylex

The next activities to develop is a survey and contest, which will have interesting prizes. Follow all about Raylex innovation on the web & LinkedIn.