Raylex, together with its supplier Commscope, is conducting conferences to its different clients, related to “Base Station Antennas: Evolution Towards 5G”

evolution towards 5G

With this, it is intended to share the experiences of Commscope and some US operators that have already experienced the implementation of 5G. These conferences will show the different alternatives that exist in terms of solutions in the field of Base Station Antennas (BSA). BSAs allow a variety of technologies and frequency bands to be shared in a single antenna with multiple ports, using the M-Loc Connector.

This is a relevant issue, since there are regulations and limitations in the new way of implementing these new technologies, with an increasingly scarce infrastructure and where, necessarily, 3G – LTE & 5G must continue to coexist.

For this, Raylex and Commscope hope to act as Trusted Advisor, delivering solutions tailored to the needs of our customers in their evolution towards 5G.

For more information and / or coordination to be part of this type of presentation, contact: hvalenzuela@raylex.cl