We constantly hear about “Optical Fibers“. But do you know what they really are? Or how do they work? At Raylex, it is important to us that our clients stay informed, and so we decided to enlist the help of international referents in the Fiber Optics Market, in order to answer these questions.

Our partner Infinera knows a lot about the history of the Optical Fiber. Recently, Infinera and Corning demonstrated that their 6th generation cable, the Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6), capable of transmitting 800 Gigabit per second over 1,000km of Corning Fiber Optic networks. It is the longest transmission distance of the 800G to date.

Infinera and Corning, leading companies in the Fiber Optic market, have created this interesting video with the basic concepts you need to learn to talk about Optical networks. Do not miss it!