During this month we highlight the incorporation of 24 exclusive people to the GoldField project and who reinforce the execution of civil works.

The assembly of the tower also began at site 7.

In terms of safety, the best workers on the shift were awarded and positive reinforcement, focused on our driving campaign “We wait for you at home” and the development of safety activities.

The election of the workers considered the following points:

  • Driving on site
  • Preparation of documents for driving (Vehicle Check List + Sleepiness Check List)
  • Self care
  • Work safely

The awarded workers were:

  • Williams Ramos
  • José Campos
Raytech OOCC
  • Ronald Vilche
  • Fidel Astudillo
  • Javier Cuevas
Raytech MMOO
  • Richard Hidalgo
  • Fernando Riveros

Some photographs of the activity carried out have been attached: