Superior broadband connectivity improves the efficiency of mining operations

Implementation of new technologies to improve operational efficiency

Our solutions are designed to drastically improve operational efficiency and productivity in mining operations, through high performance technology and the delivery of high fidelity wireless solutions, tailored to all your needs.

Among others, our solutions include the supply, engineering design and installation of:

  • MMOO networks
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Industrial Energy Systems
  • Indoor – Outdoor DAS Systems
  • Sensors
  • Digital Repeaters
  • Video surveillance
  • Hybrid Energy Systems
  • Data network
  • CCTV systems
  • UHF and VHF systems for operations and surveillance
  • 2-way communication systems

Success Stories

Pampa Puno Project

Supply, Installment and start up of the Ministro Hales's MMOO System

Construction of the Carén Communications System

    Supply and Installation of FFOO Links with the aim of improving communications to the interior of the reservoir and within the complex and to Rancagua.
    The implementation includes:
  • New communications links in FO.
  • New communication station Sotelo and Nueva Torre de comunicaciones.
  • Construction access to top hill Sotelo.
  • Instrumentation and programming of the level signal of two Gauges.

MMOO Network Project - Los Pelambres

    Supply, Engineering, and Start Up of the MMOO Link System.
    Inspection and Maintenance Contract of the following subsystems that are part of the telecommunication system, which includes:
  • Carrier Wave System OPAT
  • Teleprotections TP
  • Microwave system (MMOO)
  • Multiplexor system
  • Fiber Optic Link System
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