Core values ​​of our company

1. Respect for the people
To generate an environment that allows the integral development of their capabilities, creativity, positive attitude and motivation for the benefit of our employees, our customers, the company, and society.

2. Exceeding the expectations of our customers
To understand the customer’s needs and seek to exceed their expectations, by taking on our commitments with pro activity, interest and responsibility.

3. Respect for the environment
To understand that we are part of the environment by acting responsibly and caring for its preservation.

4. Search for excellence
We work as a team focused on achieving results, constantly reviewing and improving our actions, to generate a profitable and sustainable operation.

5. Integrity in our words and actions
We act with professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and respect for the people.

6. Our people
We value and protect the life of each internal and external collaborator and member of the community where we operate.