Climate change is one of the great challenges facing humanity. The carbon footprint is born as a need to quantify and generate an indicator of the impact that an activity or process has on climate change.

RAYLEX – RAYTECH has imposed, as one of its strategic objectives, to implement the best practices that contribute to mitigate the effects of our carbon footprint, establishing a sustainable policy with the environment and its preservation.

Since 2017 we joined the Ministry of the Environment program “Huella Chile”  and obtained recognition for quantifying the GHG emissions of our companies.

The current GHG emissions at the organizational level are:

  • Raylex Diginet S.A., total 1375.0536 tonnes of CO2 equivalent
  • Raytech S.A. to 175,5804 tons of CO2 equivalent
  • Raylex Representations S.A. to 116.6770 tonnes of CO2 equivalent

We will continue working to reduce our footprint.