COVID 19 has presented us both in terms of society and personal challenges and unprecedented challenges, among these difficulties, the instability in the economic and labor. In this sense, the Environmental Social Responsibility Committee reviewed several initiatives to help the community, carrying out the following Charity initiatives:

Juan Pablo II Parish Community of Quilicura
During the month of April, we provided 30 food boxes for the Community of the Juan Pablo II Parish in Quilicura. 30 immigrant families with high poverty rates were selected from this community.

Origin Foundation
The collaboration consists of sponsoring 2 families from Puente Alto who will be given merchandise, toiletries and protection during the months of May, June and July.

El Bosque
Contribution of 30 boxes of food for vulnerable families in the commune of El Bosque. This collaboration was delivered on May 20 through its Municipality.

DEM – PRM Buin Foundation
Contribution of 57 food boxes for families served by the foundation.
PRM-Buin is a specialized program that deals with reparation for serious mistreatment of children and adolescents. They are concerned with the full recovery of themselves and their family.

We attach thanks to the Fundación DEM PRM Buin for our donation and publication link on its website.

To continue with the aid, we immediately launched a 1 + 1 solidarity campaign to make aid in June.